Done-for-you marketing for socially-responsible businesses + changemakers

Marketing that is aligned with your business ethics and

big vision


Your sustainable/planet-friendly/fair trade movement deserves marketing that fosters genuine connection, champions your cause and inspires change

Without icky, dishonest and manipulative tactics.

Conventional marketing or ‘marketing as usual’ leverages on shame + fear-based tactics.

Moreover, it is ineffective in growing an engaged community who truly enjoy your content or products.

It leads to systemic burn out for you and your community of followers.

But, there’s a human-friendly way to approach marketing, you can:

Lead with honesty, transparency and compassion – values that can transform your business inside out.

Communicate your vision for change with clarity and build a like-minded community.

Listen deeply to the needs of your community + create memorable content.

Follow a plan that is tailored to your business (and you) and NOT what is #trending.

Empower your community with simplicity and ease.

Continue meeting desired sales goals and hence, creating lasting impact.

Hi there!

I am Dimitra and I think marketing can be one of the most powerful tools for change. And the way we approach marketing matters!

The ‘marketing as usual’ approach never sat well with me – it gave me massive anxiety and I felt suffocated both as a consumer and as someone who was unknowingly utilising the tactics for clients. Yes, I was the online marketer who hated being online.

I was first introduced to the ‘slow marketing’ or ‘authentic marketing’ realm by a friend and it changed the way I feel about marketing. It’s definitely a better fit.

Having worked with nonprofits and having been involved in various social justice and community service projects since I was 8, I naturally gravitated towards serving businesses that are ethically-informed, adopts sustainable practices and puts the people and planet first.

A few things that I am deeply passionate about includes, financial empowerment of women from developing countries, inclusive feminism, travel, food and soul-searching.

Here are some ways we can connect/work together:

Social Media Management | Email Marketing | Speaker Management

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